An aerial video of Tranquility Beach Dominica under construction

An aerial video of Tranquility Beach Dominica under construction

Tranquility Beach Resort is a Citizenship by Investment Program-funded residential resort, being developed in Dominica by son-of-the-soil, Ian A. W. Edwards. 

Edwards is a visionary architect and head of Sunset Homes. He has developed several properties in Anguilla including The Beach House and Spyglass Hill Villa, and Tranquility Beach Dominica is set to be his first Dominican venture.

An artist’s rendition of Tranquility Beach Dominica, upon completion.

An artist’s rendition of Tranquility Beach Dominica, upon completion.

The Resort

The first time I heard about the project, I was very impressed. 

Tranquility Beach Dominica will encompass a gated community of more than 60 villa suites, built in 15 new buildings along the Dominica coastline. The property will be accessible by a private beach path and surrounded by the luscious greenery of the country’s indigenous forest.

Other amenities include:

  • an infinity pool
  • two 1,200 square foot meeting and event spaces
  • a world class spa and wellness center
  • an exclusive fine dining restaurant
  • a state of the art gym

There will be four types of villas, and I was especially intrigued by the Cliff Hanger villas. These will be the first of the kind in Dominica!

Condo suites at Tranquility Beach Dominica

Condo Suites

Two-bedroom Villas at Tranquility Beach Dominica

Two-bedroom Villas

Three-bedroom Villas at Tranquility Beach Dominica

Three-bedroom Villas

Cliff Hanger Villas at Tranquility Beach Dominica

Cliff Hanger Villas

The Video

It had been less than six months since the official ground-breaking ceremony for Tranquility Beach Dominica, and the marketing team needed some new content. 

My job was deceptively simple – showcase the progress of construction activities in a way that appeals to potential and existing investors. I was happy for the challenge, as I had always wanted to tackle this type of project.

Construction projects can be tricky.

While there might be a lot of work going on, the pace of that work is relatively slow, and results aren’t so easily observed. Also, since this was part of a marketing push, it was important to keep the video short.

The final film is just under 2 minutes long and (in my opinion) does a good job of showing the surrounding environment as well as the ongoing construction.

Take a look and tell me what you think with a comment below!

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