Artist Statement

“Stop waiting for permission to achieve your goals and live your life.”

Have you ever come across a random piece of advice that completely changes your perspective on life? This was it for me. I don’t know who said or penned this sentence, but if I could meet them I would “shake their big toe,” as we say in Dominica. A couple years ago I left a lucrative career in the financial services industry and it was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. It has also been the most rewarding decision I've ever made. Why?

Because now I am free to create something new everyday, and sometimes what I create becomes bigger than me. I am consistently humbled by the impact my work has on clients and collectors, and that feeling is worth the sacrifice.
Portrait of Yuri A Jones

My name is Yuri and I am a photographer based in the Caribbean.

If you’re anything like me, you have a deep appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. Through my landscape photography I attempt to convey that beauty as well as the emotions associated with it. 

However, I also love to create portraits of individuals and families. Prints of these images are heirlooms that become the foundation of family memories for several years to come.

I am proud of the work I've done, and invite you to see more of my Accomplishments

Yuri A Jones, 2020

Portrait Sessions

When was the last time you were photographed? It should be fun to stand in from of the camera. A session with me is easy, fun and it's an experience you will remember!

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Beautiful Canvas Prints

The only thing that beats having a stunning nature print on your wall is being in that space. So if you can't be there physically, live vicariously through vivid wall art.

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