A surprise marriage proposal at boutique resort, Secret Bay in Dominica

I’m not a big fan of being surprised, but I love being involved in surprising others. Ironic, right?! That’s why I was excited to get a call from Secret Bay a couple weeks ago.

One of their guests wanted to pop the big question to his girlfriend, and wanted to document the special moment. Of course I said yes to Secret Bay’s request of me to come up, but I wondered, “would the girlfriend say yes too?!”

Villa Services Coordinator, Lenita, hatched a simple plan but effective plan. And villa attendants, Jess and Saralee, prepared the sundeck before the guests arrived. I posed as a photographer hired to capture images of the property and pretended to not notice the soon-to-be engaged couple when they got to the deck.

Playing the role of ‘paparazzi’, I observed them for several minutes, and snapped intimate shots as he sealed the deal with his new fiancée!

To preserve the couple’s privacy, their intimate photos have not been included in this post.

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