Portrait Sessions

I'd like to invite you to a personal portrait session with me. Whether you need new personal branding photos or would like to do an entire makeover session, a photoshoot with me is something out of the ordinary. 

A Pampered Experience

Picture this: (1) You sitting comfortably, as a professional styles your hair and does your makeup. (2) Soft music playing in the background with snacks and drinks at your disposal. (3) A photoshoot where you are relaxed and confident; you're free to switch outfits several times.

This is what I can promise - our session will be different. You will feel good about yourself, you will have fun and it's an experience you will always remember.

Do you feel awkward about posing or facial expressions? No worries. If you like, I can take you through a series of tried-and-true steps to create authentic looks, regardless of your past experience. We will work together to create the best images you've ever seen of yourself.

Timeless Prints

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Family or 'Model for a Day' Session

The experience includes: makeup and hair styling for two people, the actual photo session, and a viewing session (scheduled for a later date). You may want to do the session with your best friend, your mom or daughter, partner, all by yourself or your family. It's up to you!

You and your party can walk with up to 5 different wardrobe changes so that we get as many different looks as possible. 

Please expect your session to last for 2 to 3 hours. We will take breaks in between and you will have access to drinks and snacks, so don't worry about fatigue 😀

Personal Branding or Headshot Session

This is a great option if you are a professional who needs images for social media or for marketing your personal brand. The session will run for approximately 1 hour and you should walk with a change of wardrobe so we can accomplish at least 2 different looks.

Our in-house makeup artist is available to you at no extra charge.


Answers to a few questions you may have.

What happens on the day?

We start the session with you meeting my makeup artist who will do your makeup and hair styling. Then, we will move on to the actual photoshoot where we will work together to create your best images.

What happens after?

One week after your session, we will meet again so you can view and choose your favorite images. You will also get to see and feel the print products that are available to choose from. 

How much do prints cost?

My collections start at XCD $1000 and on average, clients spend XCD $1300 on their prints. You may also choose a la carte options. Whatever images you choose to print, a digital copy will also be delivered to you.

Can you do headshots?

Absolutely! Your shoot will be customized to your specific needs, so if you only want to make new headshots or photos for personal branding on social media, we can do that too. (The price will be adjusted accordingly.)

What else do you do?

I am open for most types of studio portrait shoots including: corporate (for annual reports, etc), maternity, birthday, anniversary, modelling portfolio shoots, etc. Let me know your ideas via a private message.

Where does this take place?

The shoot will be conducted at my boutique portrait studio. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Continental Store building in Roseau, on the corner of Fields Ln and Old St. (opposite Garraway Enterprises Paint Shop).

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