Beauty, beast or BOTH?

"Is it weird that I find this beautiful? My goodness, that is a serious shot!"

This is how a friend described the image below when I first shared it on social media last August. Personally, I think it is beautiful... but what do you think of Dorian's Light Show?

Hurricane Season

For a nature and landscape photographer like me, the hurricane season comes as a mixed bag. On one hand, it rains much more often, which makes it more difficult to hike certain trails. On the other hand, rain clouds always make images more interesting.

This was the case last August when Tropical Storm Dorian was picking up speed near the Leeward Islands. In Dominica, we only expected some storm surge and light thunderstorms and this meant that I may have the rare opportunity to capture some lightning.

A screenshot showing all 110 images in the sequence.

Getting the shot

It is difficult to predict when and where lightning will show up. I usually point my camera towards the heaviest sounds of thunder, and set it up to shoot multiples images using very specific settings. 

This time was no different - I locked in my settings and programmed the camera to capture 1 images every 30 seconds. In all, I captured 110 images and used 5 to create this image which I call Dorian's Light Show.

Question: how do you feel about lightning and images such as this one? Are they beautiful? Or do they evoke some fear and anxiety?

Let me know with a comment below!


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