How to Choose and Place Large Wall Art

How to Choose and Place Large Wall Art

Large wall art has several advantages, such as making an impression, expressing your point of view on a topic, and adding elegance to your house. Despite the widespread understanding of these benefits, many individuals find it difficult to select, frame, and hang large wall art.

Any space benefits from the strong focal point that large wall art brings. However, the purpose of a big artwork is to create a statement rather than merely occupy empty space on a wall.

Framed print of "Behold" by Yuri A Jones, hung on a light brown colored wall.

Artwork: Behold as a framed art print.

A large canvas that is appropriate for your home depends on many different criteria. In order to assist you in transforming your environment, this post will offer advice and pointers.

How to Choose Large Wall Art

Context plays a crucial role when selecting large wall art. You must first consider the area in which the work will be placed. The size of the room and the available wall space are just as important as your personal taste and the current décor in this situation.

Keep in mind that your room's focal point will be a large piece of art. Since you'll be looking at it every day, it's important to choose something you can be passionate about. Fortunately, there's not much of a constraint on the kinds of styles that work well with enormous wall art.

Since many works in genres like abstract, modern, and contemporary art were meant to be large-scale pieces, these styles function well. In the same vein, landscapes and photography make excellent alternatives. But ultimately, it truly comes down to your own likes and tastes, so follow your gut. And don't be scared to do so.

Framed print of Bounty Coconut Rum Liquer hanging about a modern white bath tub.

Artwork: Bounty Coconut Rum Liqueur as a limited edition framed print.

How to Frame Large Wall Art

A canvas can be completely changed by framing a huge work of wall art. When selecting a frame, there are two things you need to take into account. First, how does the material and style of the frame complement the piece? Secondly, how does it fit into the overall design of your space? Finding the ideal fit requires finding a compromise between these two factors.

Usually, metal or wood are used to create large wall art frames. The best materials are those that are robust enough to sustain larger components adequately. Fortunately, a large range of colors and finishes are available for both materials.

Once more, consider your current décor. Does your space have wood and earthy, natural colors? Finding a frame that complements your room's decorations can give it an incredibly elegant sense of balance. Similarly, metals might provide a sleek appearance if your design is ultra-modern or more minimalist.

How to Hang Large Wall Art

The last step is to hang your huge wall art. Here, you have a few options, such mounting tape and adhesive wall hooks. But big wall art can be hefty, particularly if it's framed. So, verify the piece's weight and contrast it with various hanging options.

Canvas print of "Cochrane at Blue Hour" on a light colored wall in a restaurant.

Artwork: Cochrane at Blue Hour as a canvas print.

Large wall art usually has to be firmly mounted on a wall. Therefore, consider the wall that your painting is intended for. The majority of interior walls are constructed on metal or timber frames that are covered in plasterboard. When the proper fittings are used, these frames could hold up your canvas.

A wall stud can be located in a variety of methods. You can start by tapping the wall and listening for places that are hollow or full. To accomplish the same task, though, you can purchase a stud detector. Selecting a fixture that is rated for the weight of your large wall art is the next step.

You won't always have access to a wooden stud, of course. More support can be added by using drywall anchors, which open out after being screwed into the wall. Make sure they are rated to support weights greater than your painting once more.

Final Thoughts

A room can be profoundly and dramatically transformed by large wall art. It may enhance your interior design and add a striking sense of elegance and focal point to any room. To set yourself up for success, consider how large wall art will fit in the space, weigh the piece, and select the appropriate supports before you fully enjoy these advantages.

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