10 Good Reasons to Buy Art

10 Good Reasons to Buy Art

A quick Google search for 'reasons people buy art' will bring up results such as - "I love paintings that resonate with my experience of this planet" or "It fills your house with happiness!" - and many more.

For many people, buying art is a deeply personal decision but there are several other reasons to consider making a purchase. I've listed many below:

1. Art enriches life

    Owning artwork has a positive effect on the people who own it and inevitably makes life more enriching.

    Happy walls make happy people. Even if your choices in artwork are “dark” or “moody”, you will get enjoyment from it, which will make you happy and ultimately enrich your life.

    2. Art engages your imagination

      One of the most enduring qualities of art is its power to transport the viewer to another time and place. Looking at a photograph can take you to the world’s most beautiful beach, to a pristine jungle, or into a fantastical dreamscape.

      Art affords us the unique opportunity to step outside of our real world surroundings and into a new world of our making.

      Artwork by Jo Davenport, Greg Natale HQ, photo by Anson Smart

      Artwork by Jo Davenport, Greg Natale HQ, photo by Anson Smart

      3. Art cements the memory

        Possessing a memento of a time or place in your life is a significant and grounding experience. It might be something as simple as a stone collected on a special walk on the beach or a precious object gifted by a loved one.

        Purchasing art creates a similar emotional link between a time and place. You might buy a piece of art after receiving a promotion at work, while on a wonderful vacation or to mark a new phase in life. Living with an artwork which signifies a specific period or event creates a constant affirmative reminder of that memory.

        4. Support your local artists

          Buying art supports artists directly, allowing them to continue with their creative process, which in turn continues to improve the quality of life for all of us!

          5. Buying art fosters self-expression

            The objects your gather in your space speak volumes about who you are and what you value. When you love the outdoors or have a great sense of humor, including artwork in your environment is a perfect way to express your individuality, interests and aspirations.

            6. Art sets the mood

              I’m sure you’re familiar with the experience of walking into a room and instantly feeling the effects of its atmosphere. Our brains automatically respond to visual stimuli of color, form and light, which ultimately influence the way we think, communicate and behave.

              The presence of the right artwork has the potential to reinforce feelings such as relaxation, curiosity, sensuality and confidence.

              7. Gift art to a loved one

                Giving a loved one artwork – to commemorate a wedding, a significant birthday or ‘just because’ – is such a distinct way to telling them how special they are to you. Art is intimate, and selecting a piece that you know they will love is a rewarding feeling.

                Suite of Warlukurlangu Artists paintings at 101 Collins.

                Suite of Warlukurlangu Artists paintings at 101 Collins.

                8. Art engages the mind

                  Sometimes the best thing we can do with our artwork is to just sit down in front of it. Looking at art can have the same mental benefits as other forms of mental training such as crossword puzzles.

                  Thinking conceptually, abstractly and emotionally can help reduce stress, aid sleep and stave of illnesses such as dementia and depression.

                  9. Art is a conversation-starter

                    Every picture tells a thousand words and what’s a better way to ‘break the ice’ than to answer questions about the artwork on your walls. The pieces of art hanging in your home or office give visitors the opportunity to understand who you are and what you’re passionate about.

                    10. Art inspires!

                      Creating an environment that is stimulating, inspiring and dynamic can be beneficial for both families and businesses alike. Children thrive in spaces that encourage a sense of exploration and visual expression.

                      Work areas also benefit from an atmosphere of vibrancy, which encourages creative, new ways of thinking.

                      Summing up

                      All of the above should give you some cause for thought when considering introducing art into your life. Buy what you love!

                      10 Reasons to Buy Art (Pinterest)

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