We WILL get through this...

We WILL get through this...

Does the photograph below look familiar to you? This was the scene at the intersection of Elliot Avenue and Goodwill Road (Roseau, Dominica) on September 20, 2017 - two days after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Dominica.


I am reviewing several of my photographs from that era for a new project, and it made me realize how fare we have come. 

For weeks after that fateful day, the country was unrecognizable. Our protected forests were battered, thousands of homes were roof-less and many families were forced to relocate. 

With time, we adjusted, rebuilt and our recovery is in full effect. 

The coronavirus is a different beast but once again, our way of life is threatened. However, we must remain resolute and determined to work together to stem the spread of this virus.

First and foremost, that means practicing social distancing. You should also stay home if you can. The more of us who move around, the more likely the virus is to spread, and this means more people will get sick and eventually burden our health systems.

This is definitely a "new normal" for most of us, but it is imperative that we follow these guidelines (and others issued by local authorities) in order to quell the pandemic. 

If you've been restless during the quarantines or lockdowns, I hope these articles can be of some help:

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