The official launch of 'Majestic and Magical'!

The official launch of 'Majestic and Magical'!

On August 31, 2017, I launched my first photography book - Majestic and Magical - to the Dominican public. I partnered with the UWI Open Campus Dominica and the event was staged at their auditorium.

As you can see in the photos below, I hung large prints of a few of the book’s images throughout the room. This added a nice ‘artsy’ touch and served as great advertisement for my work.

I even sold a print that night, and got order for a few others.

The event was short and sweet:

  • Fr. Glanville Joseph blessed the event
  • Honourable Minister Robert Tonge shared a few words regarding the books contribution to Tourism in Dominica
  • The irreplaceable Dr. Alwin Bully graced us with a history of photography in Dominica
  • Master of Ceremonies, Kareem Bertrand, kept it all together with wit and appropriate humor.

I also said a few words to the attendees, and spoke of my journey to that proud day. I gave a brief account of the challenges which made this achievement all the sweeter. And I ended by inviting everyone to purchase a copy!

Thank you to everyone who helped to organize the event and many thanks to those who attended and supported the event in some way. Special thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Fadelle for her generosity!

Credit to Lisle Bruney for the photographs below:

Yuri A Jones at Majestic and Magical book launch

Patrons and supporters at book launch

Alwin Bully giving an address at the Majestic and Magical book launch

Minister of Tourism, Robert Tonge delivering his remarks at the Majestic and Magical book launch

Master of Ceremonies, Kareem Bertrand

Sample artwork on display at the book launch

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