"Four Falls" - Hidden in Plain Sight at Emerald Pool

"Four Falls" - Hidden in Plain Sight at Emerald Pool

One of the greatest challenges I face as a landscape/nature photographer, is capturing unique, never-before-seen images. Most of our nature sites are frequently photographed, so the challenge is: "how can I do it differently?"

I often look for details that most people don't notice and the image below is a great example of that.

Four Falls by Yuri A Jones

Four Falls is available as a canvas print in standard sizes up to 40 inches wide

Emerald Pool trail

You may not know it, but the image "Four Falls" shows a scene along the Emerald Pool trail. Have you observed it before? (On the right side of the bridge just before the waterfall.)

This image satisfies my creative requirement of being unique because although the location is well-known, this scene is usually overlooked. For this reason, I think it is one of my 'best' images.

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It's a relatively simple composition, but what makes this scene stand out is how the light interacts with the moss and the water. It took quite a bit of patience to get the scene in the perfect light. 

After capturing Four Falls, I went a step further and switched lenses to get two closeups of two areas of the same scene, shown below:

Dripping Wet by Yuri A Jones

Dripping Wet is available as a canvas print in standard sizes up to 4 feet wide 

White Rush by Yuri A Jones

White Rush is available as a canvas print in standard sizes up to 4 feet wide

For all three images I was very interested in showcasing two main themes:

  1. the movement of the water, hence the silky look.
  2. the area's greenery in the form of moss-covered rocks and other plant life

Heavy rainfall from previous days caused the water level to be higher than usual. This was a big plus for me, and added a unique element, since it's not everyday these mini waterfalls occur in that way.

Question: have you ever observed this scene at the Emerald Pool? Let me know by commenting below! Please share this article with your friends and family!

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