Art Buying Guide for 2021

Art Buying Guide for 2021

Buying art is never an easy task; there are just too many things to consider. Luckily I have had a lot of experience selling artwork and can help you with this important decision.

Customers usually come to me for one of two reasons:

  1. They have blank walls that need to be filled.
  2. They are looking for a particular artwork for their home.

Whatever your motivation is for purchasing artwork, I look forward to helping you in finding the right artwork for you. Let's tackle each reason in detail.

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Blank Walls

If artwork is purchased to fill your walls, choosing based on the style and color scheme are great places to start. 

What is the style of your home? Is it Hamptons? Modern? Rustic?

This will determine the style of the artwork and medium it is presented on. For example, a Hamptons style home needs a beach scene presented in a white shadow box frame.

What color is your furniture? The flooring? The color of your walls? 

Neutral tones and wooden flooring are common in many homes these days. Therefore, my walnut frames would work very well in that home (and it’s our most popular selling frame.) However, you must also be careful about choosing brighter images if the overall tone of your home is dark.

Does your home incorporate lots of whites rather than neutral colors? 

A vivid nature scene would add a nice pop of color to your walls. Anyone visiting that room will surely be drawn to your new artwork. 

Where will you install the new wall art?

The entrance? Living room? Dining room? Bedrooms? Hallway? Stairwell? Each of these positions can determine the size and style of artwork.

  • Entrance - this should be a statement piece that has the WOW factor when anyone visits your home. My large panoramas (up to 60 inches wide) would suit this area of your home.
  • Living Room - an artwork that evokes a sense of family and belonging works well in a living room. The art should strike a good balance with structures (such as mantles) or furniture (such as sofas) if you plan on hanging it above. I recommend the XXL size (32x48 inches) in most cases.
  • Bedrooms - being a personal space, an artwork that has meaning to you is important. Furthermore, since most bedrooms aren’t as large as public living areas, I usually recommend an XL or L (24x36 inches or 20x30 inches respectively) if the print will be hung above the bed.
  • Hallway - if the artwork is going in your hallway, make sure the artwork is not too large. Otherwise, you won't be able to stand back far enough to appreciate the artwork. My M (16x24 inch) prints are perfect for this.

I know these sizes are difficult to visualize, so I’ve set up a series of Size Charts that may help you. The print sizes are shown in relation to furniture such as sofas and beds, and they are all shown to scale.

Particular Artwork 

Many of my clients choose their artwork because they have a particular piece in mind. They may have fond memories of a holiday location or, it’s the place they grew up in. 

Here’s what I mean by having a particular piece in mind. My friend Jael lives abroad, but whenever she’s in Dominica, she resides in Laudat, near this lakes. That’s why this particular print means so much to her.

In that case, I direct them towards the VILLAGE section on my website. 

  • Desktop/laptop users: hover over the SHOP ART option at the top of the screen. It will open up to reveal several options, including LOCATIONS. In that column there’s a list of villages across Dominica.
  • Mobile device users: tap the three horizontal lines at the top right corner to open up the menu. Tap the arrow next to the SHOP ART option and then tap the VILLAGE option to see a list of villages in Dominica.

Sometimes you might be interested in a certain type of nature scene, such as a waterfall or coastal area. I have a range of themes to choose from on the website. Follow the same instructions above and choose THEMES to see a full list.

In spite of these tips, if you're choosing a particular artwork for your home, I feel it's important that you connect with the artwork emotionally. Many clients have described the experience as “love at first sight” so yes, you will know it when you see it!

Think of owning artwork as an investment. Whatever you choose will give you pleasure for years to come. The more you look at it, the more you see in it. What it gives you has you feel a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment in the right purchase you've made.

Bonus: Frames and Gallery Walls

I should first tell you that all canvas prints sold on this website come ready-to-hang, straight out of the box. You do not need to frame these prints in order to hang them. 

That said, depending on your décor, frames can add the perfect finishing touch to your print. Also, if you plan on hanging the artwork at the office a framed print would be a great classy tough to your work space. Here’s an example from my friend, Meria:

I’ve written a great article about choosing the right frame. Please check it out here.

Now, about gallery walls. This is actually a rising trend among art collectors. Instead of investing in one large print, some collectors choose to buy smaller prints, usually over time.

A few of my clients have started building their own gallery walls, and I love the idea. It’s a cost effective way to get into art collection, and it also helps satisfy those with a more diverse array of likes. You can mix and match styles, colors and sizes… it’s all up to you.

I’ve also written about how to create a gallery wall, so you can check out the article here.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog post. I do hope the tips were helpful. Please let me know if they were by leaving a comment below. And I would love it if you would share this blog article with your friends.

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