4 ways to create calm with art

4 ways to create calm with art

Did you know that admiring your wall art can enrich your experience of the work and even alter your mood ? Studies have shown that wall art with softer tones and friendly subject matter can help us calm down and de-stress.

That said, here are tips to make the most of your relaxing artwork:

1. Set the mood

After you’ve spent time and money acquiring your artwork, it’s best to create the space around it. Consider all five senses with respect to the work and find the right pairings for your piece. For example, if your artwork is purple or shows a lavender field, light a lavender scented candle to complement the experience.

2. Get comfortable

When you get a new work of art, it’s important to consider finding a space for the artwork and yourself. For example, put a comfortable couch with pillows in view of your artwork. If you create a relaxed and enjoyable space, you will find yourself and your loved ones sitting near the artwork more.

3. Sketch your artwork

Have you ever considered sketching your artwork? This may seem weird, but light sketching has been shown to aid in relaxation and stress relief. There is no need for fancy materials; a pen and printer paper will do. Take some time to draw your art, or sketch something that represents the feelings you have when you are near the piece.

4. Write about your artwork

Maybe you’re not one to sketch, but have you tried writing about your new artwork? Language is a great medium for expressing the meaning behind art. Here’s what you could do - use a few different ‘prompts’ to kick start your thinking. For example: how does the artist use color throughout the piece? What personal memory relates to the subject of this art?

"4 ways to create calm with art" by Yuri A Jones


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