REBIRTH – Behind the Scenes #2

REBIRTH – Behind the Scenes #2

REBIRTH is a 4K timelapse film that I released during the summer of 2018. This blog series highlights a few behind-the-scenes details about locations and the process of making the film. Read this one or jump over to parts 13 or 4!


Laudat was probably my favorite locale throughout the shooting the timelapse film. 

That’s despite the fact that weather varies quickly here and regular weather forecasts just don’t apply. Mist usually plays a big part of my experience at Laudat and often times, so does heavy rainfall.

Boeri Lake

On my sole attempt to hike the Boeri Lake Trail, I encountered very heavy rain (almost nonstop) and lots of mist. Needless to say, I was unable to capture any usable footage of the lake itself, but the experience was still thrilling.

Muddy trail at Boeri Lake

Muddy trail at Boeri Lake

Rainfall along the Boeri Lake trail

Sitting in the rain shooting a timelapse sequence

Freshwater Lake

I shot at least five separate sequences at the Freshwater Lake site. For the most part, the weather was good. I was lucky! In times past, I’ve been met with gusting winds and torrential rain. 

Cloudy skies at Freshwater Lake.

Cloudy skies at Freshwater Lake

Middleham Falls

I didn’t hike all the way to the waterfall for this film, but I did capture a couple sequences of a river that crosses the trail. Of the four sequences I shot in that area, only two made it to the final video.

Middleham River

Getting down into the river along Middleham Falls


The Trafalgar Falls is one location I had to return to numerous times.

It’s a tricky area because sunlight blankets the entire cavern quite early in the morning and early in the afternoon. You have to hope for cloud cover in order to shoot with decent lighting.

Harsh sunlight is not optimal for shooting.

Choosing the right time to shoot involved lots of trial and error.

On one of my visits to the falls, it rained so much that I was stuck on a rock in between the twin waterfalls. Needless to say, the shots I got were not amazing and I had to return.

Trafalgar Falls BTS

Just 5 minutes after this shot I rushed to pack up the camera and open the umbrella because a rain cloud rolled in


This was one of my final shooting locations. I was very happy to capture a few timelapse sequences from Eggleston.

The views from the Scotland property were amazing, and although it drizzled off and on while I was there, I did get the opportunity to capture Roseau from a unique angle.

View from Eggleston, Dominica

Due to the constant drizzle and the wind that brought it down from the valley, I was forced to scrap many sequences while at Eggleston. Note the cloth on top of my camera… I didn’t have an umbrella on that day!

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