Fashion portrait session at Botanic Gardens, Dominica

Fashion portrait session at Botanic Gardens, Dominica

There are people with whom you’d love to work just because of their own talent and work ethic. For me, Crystel Hilton is one of these people, so I was excited to do a photoshoot for one of her new lines of accessories.

About Crystel

Crystel Hilton of Crystel Hilton Designs, is a local, self-taught, fashion designer from Bioche, Dominica. She creates unique, handmade jewelry and accessories, and her work has been featured far and wide.

Her work has graced runways in New York and Montreal, and has been exhibited at several events.


Botanic Gardens is a good location for this type of shoot. It’s in a centralized location (near Roseau) and affords models and crew abundant shade to prepare. The background options are all fairly interesting and diverse.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots from the day:




Other Contributors

Model: Cyndi Joseph
Facepaint artist: Precious
Lighting assistant: Antonio Oscar

We started off at what’s known as “bamboo house” and then finished up near the parrots’ cage. Check them out below and let me know what you think!

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