Welcoming Republic Bank to Dominica

Welcoming Republic Bank to Dominica

"As smoothly and as uncomplicated as night turns to day, the Bank of Nova Scotia on Hillsborough Street, Roseau, last week gave way to the Republic Bank thus ending a 31 year relationship between a Canadian bank and the people of Dominica." - SunDominica.com

I have been privileged to work closely with the ScotiaBank (now Republic Bank) management and staff during the transition as photographer and liaison. The team worked hard to make the changeover seamless for their customers, and apart from a few minor hiccups, they deserve an A+ for their performance!

Below I've shared a few examples of the work done throughout this time.

Headshots for IDs

Kasia John headshot

Kasia John

Joanna Woodman headshot

Joanna Woodman

Executive Portraits

28-year veteran officer at ScotiaBank, Mrs. Gina Severin, is the incoming Country Manager at Republic Bank Dominica. I was tasked with creating a series of executive portraits to be used in official bank communications.

Gina Severin, country manager

Gina Severin, country manager

Opening Day

On November 1, 2019 I was present when the bank open with its new colors and branding, and I captured a few moments of the management interacting with customers.


Summing Up

The new Republic Bank team is poised and ready to serve their customers, as they have done for the last few decades. It was my pleasure to join them during the transition, and I look forward to working with them again!


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