How Time Heals

How Time Heals

We have gotten so used to seeing quotes about the healing power of time, that we probably take this phenomenon for granted. Quotes such as those shown below are ubiquitous on the internet, and are shared hundreds of times per day via your favorite social media platform.

  • "Time heals almost everything. Give time time."
  • "Time heals all wounds."
  • "Even the moon passes through phases to return to full. Healing takes time."

In most cases the healing refers to some personal grief or trauma that someone is going through. But did you know this healing power of time also applies to the Natural World?

Dominica, Pained

A few weeks ago, as I prepared for the release of my new time-lapse project (have you seen it yet?), I reviewed archived photographs from previous time-lapse films and came across one scene that stuck with me. Hurricane Maria had hit Dominica less than a month before and the mountainsides were still scarred and bare. 

On that particular evening, I was determined to get the shot and even though the resulting image isn't one I would hang on any wall, it still leaves me speechless to this day.

Roseau Valley (October 2017)

It was such an epic sunset, juxtaposed against what looks like scorched earth. To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful sunset.

Fast forward to present day, I was urged to create a "before and after" comparison of this scene by capturing a new image of the same view. Easy enough, right? Not quite.

Dominica, Healed

The Roseau Valley must be one of the wettest areas in Dominica... it rains very often in that region of the country. Blistering heat in the capital, Roseau, is no guarantee of good weather in the heights of Laudat. In fact "Laudat has its own weather" is a common saying! So on that first day, I was not surprised that rain spoiled my shot. I waited and waited, but the rain just did not let up.

On the next day, we were blessed with fairer weather, but I could see the clouds building up and getting darker. Instead of waiting for the "golden hour" at sunset, I captured this image just as the rain started to come down:

Not Quite Sunset by Yuri A Jones

To be honest though, I was not 100% satisfied with this shot. It's nice, but I really wanted the sunset colors. So, I returned a few days later and captured this image:

Sunset from the Overlook by Yuri A Jones

Sunset from the Overlook is available as a canvas print in two sizes up to 5 feet wide

The stark contrast between the first image and these recent images is overwhelming! This is what I refer to as healing of the Natural World. In the matter of three years, Mother Nature has come back to life in an amazing way.

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