Freshwater Lake is Dominica's largest lake [VIDEO]

Freshwater Lake is Dominica's largest lake [VIDEO]


Freshwater Lake is the largest of Dominica’s four lakes and the source of Titou Gorge, Trafalgar Falls and Roseau River. It is easily reached via a paved road that veers uphill beyond the village of Laudat.

The lake is located in the Trois Pitons National Park, in between between Morne Micotrin and Morne Nicholls. From the heights of its 2.5 mile perimeter trail, you can also see Morne Trois Pitons, Morne Watt, Morne Jaune and Morne Anglais. 

Freshwater Lake has a surface area of approximately 9.8 acres and is at an elevation of 2500 feet above sea level. This area receives some of Dominica’s highest rainfall, almost 30 feet a year, making it just about the wettest place on the island.

It is often cloaked in cloud and can be subject to strong easterly winds. To be fair, being near the lake sometimes feels more like Scotland than the Caribbean!

Things to do

If the weather is kind, the loop trail offers some outstanding views of the Lake and the east coast overlooking the villages of Grand Fond and Rosalie.

Other nearby hikes include:

  • Boeri Lake 
  • Chemin Letang Trail 
  • Morne Micotrin

There is boating and kayaking available on the lake.

Birders should keep an eye out for the mountain whistler, hummingbirds and egrets. At the visitor center you can get drinks and good food. 

Here's one image of the lake that I'm very proud of:

Green and Blue at Freshwater Lake
© 2020 Yuri A Jones | Green and Blue at Freshwater Lake, captured at Laudat, Dominica (available as a canvas print here.)


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